Fri April 16 , 2004
Benefit to get the art collective down to DC to march for
Women's Lives on April 25th!

(see for info)
Open Studio event/show
Film/video/sculpture/2D/installation/performances on Women's Rights Issues

Asma Kazmi
Anabel Vazquez
Jessie Stead
Marta Fodor
Bonnie Bastien
Kathy Toukhy

6pm- ongoing performances and dinner/drinks
a few songs by Annie Clarke
10-11 Film/video screening
























Asma Kazmi's
performance piece
with Anabel Vazquez































































Bonnie Bastien's
Installation and
Performace piece
about abortion
























































the art collective in
Washington DC at
The March for
Women's Lives

Untitled, Performance by Anabel Vazquez and Asma Kazmi

Before the performance opened to the audience I cast a plaster block around my legs. During the performance which lasted for over an hour, I chiseled off the block freeing myself in the end. The second performer [Anabel] walked continuously in circles around me until the end. As I reduced the mass Anabel kept pace with me.  She would slow down or walk faster responding to the rapidity of my activity. If I sensed fatigue in her stride I would change my pace.  Thus the two bodies were generating and transmitting energy to one another, restrained in a pattern and responsible for each other’s release.
~Asma Kazmi, 2004




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