Rachel Jacobs
The Fever Few
Wendi Faren

Nov. 20, 2004

-Rachel Jacobs: A young musician from New York City who plays guitar and sings. Over the past few years she's released two records, gathered a growing crew of fans, and has been a part of a community of d.i.y. female rockers. Her music is acoustic punk/folk with soul.

-The Fever Few is mainly Bethany Spiers from New York City. "Influenced by such artists as the Red House Painters, Cat Power, and Mazzy Star, The Feverfew’s music is somehow simple while retaining impressive, intricate guitar work and haunting melodies. Each song has the power to make a noisy, crowded room stop silent, if only for four minutes at a time."

-Wendi Faren was the lead singer for Rajas, a local rock band. She has appeared with the Boston Rock Opera in their productions of "The Point" and "The BRO 10th Anniversary Show". She has danced in troupes in cd release parties for bands such as "All the Queen's Men". She has performed in venues such as the 'Half Shell' in a choir with the popular pop artist 'Bleu'. Wendi is currently recording an EP with her rock band but has turned her focus on her guitar/solo act that she performs around Boston.

This show was organized by Homefries


Feverfew and Wendi

Wendi and Rachel

photos by MF

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