Past Shows by Esprit de Corps

Dead Machines, Hair Police, Wooden Wand and his Vanishing Voice, Major Stars
Mar. 16, 2005

Sentai, The Mathematicians, La Mi Vida Violenta, Annie Clark
Mar. 11, 2005

Art, Activism and Feminism throughout the Ages
a Multimedia workshop presented by EDC Art Collective as part of La Rivolta Feminist Festival
Mar. 5, 2005

Open Plug, Electronic and experimental music night
Feb. 19, 2005

Screening of Edwars Said's On Orientalism
Feb.1, 2005

No Money Tour '05 with Dee Jay Karo
Jan. 22, 2005

Uncle Monsterface, Beantown Bandemonium and Gabe Boyer
Dec. 11, 2004

Film Screening Films by Local Women. Dec.2, 2004

The Feverfew, Rachel Jacobs, Wendi Faren, Homefries
Nov. 20, 2004

Farewell Dance Party for Dan of Immediate Consumption and EDC, Sept. 24, 2004

Jamaica Plain Open Studios, Sep. 11-12, 2004

Polaroid Show Aug 21, 2004 part of JP First Thursdays
Shark Mountain, Cotton Peonies, Juliet Kilo

Black Screen Collective July 19, 2004
Super 8 Fest

Open Studios (part of JP First Thursdays) July 1 , 2004
2D/3D Art, backyard BBQ/potluck, Super 8 film at night

Build to Suit Sculpture and installation show May 21, 2004

Benefit for Women's Life March Installation Art/Sculpture/Performance Art/2D work film and video
April 16, 2004

Compass, Juliet Kilo, Specific Heats and UV Protection April 10, 2004

Creature Party Marty Allen, Yours Truly, Three DJ's March 27, 2004

Benefit for Jamaica Plain Free Skool,
The Can Kickers, Two Gallants, Holy Ghost Revival, Dial M for Murder, 7-Inch Revolution
April 2, 2004

Coachwhips, Sunburmed Hand of the Man, Dreamhouse and Eloe Omoe March 10, 2004

Conference Plunge Into Death, UV Protection, Shark Mountain Sat. Jan. 31, 2004

Esto No Es Cine ("Here You Can Do It")
Film screening of work by collective artitsts
Jan 13, 2004 in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Art Opening, (aka Winter Storm Show) work by collective artists, music by Goat of Arms
Dec. 14, 2003

One Year Anniversary Party at Thirsty Ear, Cambridge Nov. 29, 2003

Mirah, the Blow, Pash, Anne Oxygen Nov.10, 2003

Screening of Afghan Massacre: A Convoy of Death Performances by Mahi Mahi and BAB
Oct. 11, 2003

Jamaica Plain Open Studios Open house all weekend- film screenings, 2D and installation art
the first shows in our basement Sept. 20-21, 2003

Public Film projections from van of films by collective artists and guests projected all around the city,
Performances by Bedroom Theater and MC Gabe at Zeitgesit Gallery at end of route
May 28, 2003

O.K.- Zero Killed April 28, 2003 at Zeitgest Gallery
Film+video: Saul Levine, Dana Moser and other artists. Collected anti-war posters and raw footage of recent protests

Surface Tension work by collective artists music by Carrot Top March 26, 2003

You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine
Film screening of work by collective artitsts, performance by The Faux at Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge
Feb. 26, 2003

"Shorts from out there" work by Collective artists
Nuyorican Cafe, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Jan. 21, 2003

Flush work by collective artists
Music by Dirty Rainbow
at Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge Dec. 18, 2002

Kill the Body and the Head Will Die! OUR FIRST SHOW!!!!
Films by collective artists Nov. 26, 2002 @Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge

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