flyer by Marta
Creature Party in the Esprit de Corps basement!!
Sat March 27, 2004
Bring your favorite creature
Dress as your favorite creature
Meet a creature
Watch some creature
and DANCE!!!!

~Yours Truly with Ivanna and Ryan
~3 DJ's
~Marty Allen SOLO (from The Cthulu Ragtime Band)
A few people have written saying
"Well, what's your solo stuff all about?"
it is:
me (singing)
with drum machine (playing)
and some toy instruments (when i can work them)
there is a song about dragons, but many of the songs aren't
quite as "yell crazy" as the cthulhu is notorious for.  That said, i
like the songs a lot.  Heck, I made them up...  They are about
rocks and pets and products and dragons and stuff.

~Marty Allen, 3/04

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