Who We Are
Esprit de Corps Art Collective is a group of artists based in Jamaica Plain producing multi-media events conceptually focused on varying themes in order to promote a creative community within Boston. As artists who explore ideas that raise consciousness through the use of multimedia, we showcase films/videos and 2D/3D work made by group members, host guest musicians and performance artists and frequently show artwork submitted to us. Until recently, we had been using our rough and dusty basement studios to host events. After months of renovating, cleaning and up-keeping, that space was sadly lost due to the sale of the building. Despite this setback, EDC will continue to host events in venues around Boston.


Our History
Our group formed in November of 2002 in one of the group member's kitchen. Since then, we have produced many shows at the Zeitgeist Gallery, one show at the Echo Lounge, one public art piece on the streets of Boston and have been recently using our basement art studio in JP that is still being renovated. We are interested in expanding our network and audience base and have also shown our work at the Nuyorican Cafe in Old San Juan in Puerto Rico.

We are very interested in collaborating with other groups and artists. If you are interested in working together or in submitting film/video for screening please contact us!

Jamaica Plain Open Studios

As part of EDC, we provide each other with the supportive environment an artist needs to grow. Our group provides a stage for artists to experiment on, a place test our boundaries and to voice our opinions about the world and our lives along with other artists. The group gives needed structure to upkeep our motivation for making art, creates an environment for collaboration, and provides a place for us to make unpretentious art that can’t be put anywhere else. The art collective helps each member grow in a supportive group environment. We
consider the group itself to be a work of art: we function entirely collectively and collaboratively. We are building the foundation of a strong community and we hope to expand it from our network.

To see images from past shows and our space, click Previous Shows.

Jamaica Plain Open Studios




Polaroid Show

Moving Projection Public Art Piece

part of the collective before we began the moving projection

The Coachwhips, March 2004

The collective in DC